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HELL ON EARTH: The Soundtrack

Music plays an important role—both for me as the author, and for Jesse overall. Dancing lets Jesse feel like she’s still a succubus, able to seduce and express herself in enticing ways with her body. And music can help me find the right mood, or even set the scene when I’m writing.

What follows is a list of songs and artists whose work either appears in Hell on Earth or holds special meaning to me when I’m writing Hell.

“A Question of Lust,” Depeche Mode
Really, does this one need explanation?

“Addicted,” Saving Abel
Paul, to Jesse. One of the pivotal songs playing in the fourth Hell book, when Jesse has her epiphany. And I just love this song.

“Bad Touch,” Bloodhound Gang
One of Jezebel’s stage songs.
“Ball and Biscuit,” The White Stripes
The fabulous Heather Brewer sent this to me, saying it’s totally Daun’s song. I think she’s onto something.

“Better Than Me,” Hinder
Daun, to Virginia. This song is poignant, and it touches on some of the emotion that Daun experiences for the first time.

“Breath,” Breaking Benjamin
Daun, to Virginia. God, I love this song—there’s something so primal about it, so raw.

“Closer,” Nine Inch Nails
When Daun first enters Pan’s antechamber in Hotter Than Hell, this is the song I was blasting. If Pan had a theme, this would be it.

“Desire,” Gene Loves Jezebel
One of Jesse’s stage songs. And DJ Lyle picked it just for her, in Hell’s Belles. I think he had a crush on her.

“The Diary of Jane” (acoustic version), Breaking Benjamin
This is absolutely Daun’s song as he slowly falls in love with Virginia, as he tries to show her it’s okay for her to still take pleasure out of life. It’s so perfect that I toyed with renaming Virginia “Jane.” While the regular version kicks ass, it’s the acoustic version that literally halted me in my tracks.

“Fake It,” Seether
One of Jesse’s stage songs. This is one of the pivotal songs that encapsulates Jesse’s epiphany in the fourth Hell novel. “You’re such a fucking hypocrite.” Indeed. Heh. Poor Jesse.

“Faith,” George Michael
One of Faith’s theme songs, and it always opens her stage sets.

“Hell’s Bells,” AC/DC

“Highway to Hell,” AC/DC
Again, duh.

“Home,” Marc Broussard
One of the best songs ever written. Period. Jezebel auditions to it at Belles, in Hell’s Belles.

“I Want Candy,” Bow Wow Wow
Candy’s theme song at Belles, and it always opens her stage sets.

“I Want Your Sex,” George Michael
One of Faith’s theme songs. She’s into George Michael.

“If Everyone Cared,” Nickelback
This one resonates. Don’t know why just yet. But me likee.

“Into the Night,” Santana featuring Chad Kroeger
Whenever Daun sees Jezzie dancing, this is the song in his head. Even if he doesn’t know it. Me, I love, love, love this song.

“Lips of an Angel,” Hinder
Yeah, this one makes me think of the angel called Angel, even though the lyrics don’t really fit.

“Love and Memories,” OAR
If Hell’s Belles were ever a movie, this would be the song playing in the end credits. (Really.)

“Mambo No. 5,” Lou Bega
Whenever Jezzie hears this song, she thinks of Daun.

“Mysterious Ways,” U2
Not only a Jezebel stage song. This was one of the original Hell’s Belles songs playing when I was writing the novel. I have this vision—if HB ever became a movie, part of “Mysterious Ways” would be playing for the trailer. (I plan ahead, you see.)

“Paralyzer,” Finger Eleven
Loving Husband thinks of this as Daun’s song to Jezebel. To me, it’s one of the pivotal songs playing when Jesse has her epiphany in the fourth Hell book.

“Pimpf,” Depeche Mode
When Jesse summons Daun in The Road to Hell, this is the song I kept playing as the shadows gathered and Daun appeared. Mmm. Shivers.

“Poison,” Alice Cooper
One of the songs blasting when Jezebel’s on stage.

“Pulse,” Ben Jelen
Bam’s fault for getting me into Ben. This song helped set the mood for one of the intimate scenes between Paul and Jesse during the novella “A Hell of a Time.”

“Pretty Vegas,” INXS
One of the songs that played during the big climax at Belles in Hell’s Belles.

“Run Like Hell”
In the first draft of Hell’s Belles, each chapter opened with a song lyric. Chapter 1’s quote was from this fabulous Pink Floyd tune.

“Savin’ Me,” Nickelback
This was the unofficial theme of The Road to Hell.

“Sex (I’m A),” Berlin
Awesome mood music all around for Seducers.

“Sleeping Bag,” ZZ Top
One of Jesse’s stage songs. And damned if it doesn’t have a fabulous beat.

“Soul Man,” The Blues Brothers
Yes, the Jake and Elwood version. This is Paul’s song—he and his best friend used to do the BB thing in college. Hey, it’s not Paul’s fault he used to be gangly. As Jesse would tell you, he filled out. Nicely.

“Sweet Dreams,” Eurhythmics
How could this not be a stripper song? It just begs you to rip off your clothing.

“Talk Dirty To Me,” Poison
One of Jesse’s stage songs.

“Through Glass,” Stone Sour
In The Road to Hell, when Jesse steps through the mirror inside the Endless Caverns, this was the song playing.

“Topless,” Breaking Benjamin
Daun, to Jezzie. Actually, probably every patron’s song to Jezzie. Heh.

“Tubthumping,” Chumbawumba
Seriously. The lyrics? Meant to be a drinking song.

“Voodoo,” Godsmack
One of Jesse’s stage songs. Holy cats, this is a fucking amazing song—everything from the lyrics to the hypnotic beat.

“Voulez Vous Couchez Avec Moi,” DAF
If you’re a Seducer, you’re moving to this song.

The entire FALLEN CD, Evanescence
Pretty much every song on this album (can I still use that word?) fits when I’m writing about Jezzie and Daun.

Any Rolling Stones song
Paul loves the Rolling Stones, so whenever I hear anything from Sir Mick, I automatically think of Paul. Well, okay, “Sympathy for the Devil” makes me think of Lucifer. And “Ain’t Too Proud to Beg” makes me think of Daun, to Jesse.


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